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Pipe Insulation

As a kind of compeletely inner closed cell structure thermal insulation and energey-saving material,it is widly used in HVA-C/R system duct waterpipe,refrigeration and heating equipment.It can fully guaratee the energy saving effect by reducing cold and heat loss.

 Usage:The recommended temperature usage range for Qiushui insulation sheet & roll is -70°F to +221°F (-57°C to + 105°C) according to method of application. With full adhesive coverage attachment, the surface to which it is applied may operate to the limit of 176°F (80°C). When pipe insulation with adhesive adhering seams and joints

only, Qiushui insulation sheet can be applied to lines that will operate to a limit of 221°F (105°C). On cold systems, insulation thicknesses have been calculated to control condensation onthe insulation outer surface.